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Stanley elevation

Stanley, Falkland Islands elevation is 1 meters and Stanley elevation in feet is 3 ft above sea level [src 1]. Stanley is a capital of a political entity (feature code) with elevation that is 0 meters (0 ft) bigger than average city elevation in Falkland Islands.

Below is the Elevation map of Stanley, which displays elevation range with different colors. Scale of the first map is from 0 to 132 m (0 to 433 ft) with average elevation of 31.3 meters (=103 ft) [note 1]
These maps also provides idea of topography and contour of this city, they are displayed at different zoom levels. More info about maps, scale and edge coordinates you can find below images.

#1 Stanley elevation map:[src 2-3]
Stanley elevation map
Stanley Topographic map:[src 2-3]
Topographic map of Stanley
Map data:
\ Map #1 Topo.Map
Scale [m] 0..132 m ×
Scale [ft] 0..433 ft ×
Average 31.3 m = 103 ft ×
Width 6.06 km = 3.8 mi 193.8 km = 120.4 mi
Height 6.06 km = 3.8 mi 193.8 km = 120.4 mi
↑Max Latitude -51.666572° -50.81372°
Latitude at center -51.69382° -51.69382°
↓Min Latitude -51.721052° -52.55713°
← Min Longitude -57.900955° -59.26326°
Longitude center -57.85701° -57.85701°
→Max Longitude -57.813065° -56.45076°

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En español:
Puerto Argentino, Puerto Stanley elevación 1 m.

En France:
Port Stanley élévation 1 m.

Auf Deutsch:
Port Stanley höhe über dem Meeresspiegel ist 1 m.

На русском:
Порт-Стэнли высота над уровнем моря 1 м

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